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About UsDadekavan  


The Dadekavan company with a couple of years experience and having a young and talented developer team has quickly progressed and has been succeeded in implementing successful projects in Iran.

At first, Dadekavan company worked as a web designer and web developer but in less than two years it could enter the new arena and earning success in implemented projects.

Over the past years, Dadekavan company have done its activities in field of designing and implementation of enterprise automation, ERP, web portals, production management portals, integrated websites, BMS (business management system), Employees traffic systems, automation and etc. It has also been active in various industries including cars, broadcasting, tour and travel, buildings and materials, news agencies and other new areas of technology.Some of the field of activities are as below:


  • Portal and website for global car sales
  • BMS (Business Management System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • RollCall system 
  • Online market with infrastructure for IOS, Android, Web infrastructure
  • Artificial intelligence and robots and web spiders
  • News provider system that broadcast news from all real-time news
  • Special print software
  • Enterprise Forum
  • Real-time pricing system for materials and construction equipment
  • Special ordering software for restaurants
  • Data mining system
  • Intelligent support systems
  • Special enterprise panel


Fortunately, Dadekavan Company team has improved in the field of portals and Global car sales system that can be said almost it is without a rival now.This automation is Dedicated to buyers, customers, producers, and sellers in the field of The automotive industry and they could get rid of the tiredness process of the automotive system.

Also, global car sales will help to improve the routine by improving performance and speeding up sales. additionally, with this automation, an integrated website is designed to fit the needs of car factories and car holdings to help improve the sales process and introduce more and better products to applicants. The unique feature of this design is the ability to design the same feature and integrate it with the mobile app (Android-ios) and also users of this automation. Our motto is "Believe in your dreams, We will make it for you".

In the field of artificial intelligence and the design of smart robots, the technical data team of Dadekavan has a full expertise and will create specialized robots with the needs of customers. The Dadekavan's sample in this field is the supplier of the content in Telegram application called Finderbot. This robot with admin panel for users has the ability to control the content of Telegram channel. This smart robot is able to post on the channel automatically at the specific time with the insertion of the logo on the image and placing link and channel name into the text.

The basis of all Dadekavan services stands for high quality and full support.All our customers will have 24-hour support over the entire period of their software utilization. We consider these two as the pillars of progress and always high-quality and service support for the full satisfaction of users are part of our core structure.DadeKavan declares its commitment to meeting the customers' needs with a clear-cut approach, and will do its best to satisfy customers.

Dadekavan's honors are working with companies such as system group coKarmania coMobinNet Networks coCarone Khodro Sabz coDelino coLabkhande electronic coAlborz Insurance co and etc. The satisfaction of all these business partners from Dadekavan co will encourage and motivate us to carry out leading projects.

Purpose Dadekavan

Production of efficient and successful software systems for the development of technology industry in the country.
Quality products

Why Dadekavan

Bright Future
Bright Future
Each year, with the efforts of our young and dynamic team, more responsibilities for our customers will be added to our team. this not only has made a problem but also has increased our commitment to them. The bright future of Dadekavan will be built with trust and satisfaction of our customers.
High-Quality Products
High-Quality Products
The basis of Dadekavan's work is, produce high-quality products for our customers and twenty-four hours support. We will always assure you that the product produced will have the highest possible quality.
Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction
The main goal has led to the success of our improvement and advancement is our loyal customers. we always strive to attract customers' satisfaction and our greatest pride is the trust of our customers.
Innovation and creativity
Innovation and creativity
We will transform the new ideas into innovation! Dadekavan's effort is to make everything better and easier with creativity.
The Dadekavan's motto is"Believe in your dreams, We will make it for you.". it means that we can implement everything that you think about.
All our products and software are designed and developed in a way that all users with any level of familiarity with software could use them